Month: February 2015

First Beer Experience

Beer is a wonderful drink, and it is very common in most of the places in the world. Everyone will have a first time in all the works, and that experience cannot be forgotten easily. I would like share my first Belgium beer experience. To say the truth I was not attracted by the taste of this beer in the first sip but as the days passed by I started to love this drink. I believe that my tastes have changed with time, and it is one of the reasons why I started to love this drink. I feel the following when I smell the aroma of the Duvel caramel, fresh cut straw, pilsner malt and honey. This gives a very frizzy taste, and I love it. Pils malt and honey taste provides a crispy feel in the drink that cannot be ignored easily. Of course, it has some alcoholic characters but this is not stick like other Belgian blondes.

The sour taste provided by the barley is a highlight in this drink. Finally, this drink finishes with a Chardonnay dry feel. All these combined effects make this a very impressive beer. But a point to be noted in this beer is its high cost. I am very surprised because according to me there is no costly or any special ingredient used here. Maybe the process of manufacturing this drink might be very complicated and costly which increases the value of this drink in leaps and bounds. After I drink this beer, I have a refreshing feel and this drink has an effervescent similar to the champagne. This beer is, of course, worth multiple trials as its taste cannot be ignored nor forgotten easily. It will not be a very tough job to find this beer in the market.

Best Beers In The Market

There are numerous brands, variety and preferences of beer in the market. In fact, many people will be confused about the selection that has to be done and hence I have listed some best beers in the market that will make the selection work easy and simple. Cask ale is a beer variety that is loved by many due to the wonderful taste and quality. Usually, this beer will be high or equal to the cost of its counterpart – keg beer.

A point to be noted here is that this beer will not be prepared year round. It is brewed especially during the beer festivals or competitions making them more special comparatively. In fact, when this beer is opened for sale it will not last for more than a day or two in the shop as its demand is very high. This is primly due to the delicious taste and freshness.

The kegged beer is another form that is liked by many people in the country a very difficult part in the selection is this has numerous brands. This beer will keep a person interested in trying out all available brands, as it is very tasty. No brand can be ignored. The collaboration beer is also famous in the market that cannot be skipped.

Many will be confused in the selection of beer packing, as it is an important point to be noted. If you are planning to take beer for a long distance travel, then cans are preferred. In case, it is for immediate consumption bottles will be advisable. The cans will have a lot of advantages when compared to the bottles due to various reasons. Canned beer is available on in the recent days and bottle packing has a very long history when compared with the previous one.