Month: June 2015

Note – A Home Brew Recipe

Brewing beer is not a child’s play. It is essential to make note of each and every step, and even a simple mistake will cause big troubles, so it is necessary to note and follow all the steps. Especially temperature is the main factor that will be deciding the success of the process. So it has to be adjusted properly according to the season it might be summer or winter. In order to do this work, it is essential to have the following features.

First of all, make sure a spare room is ready. It should be cool year round even at different seasons. This room should not be affected by direct sunlight at any cost. In case if the room has to be heated then a small heater can be employed for this purpose. Next necessity is a brew shed and a gym out which will be available at the back.

There are numerous recipes to prepare beer, and one of them is discussed below. Mildly nuts is the name of this beer. This beer has to be brewed at 20 degrees Celsius. Here are the ingredients that have to be added to the mash are listed here Otter Pale Ale Malt, Wheat Malt, and Amber Malt.

Now during the boiling Nelson Sauvin, and Cascade have to be included. After the boiling process is completed, Nelson Sauvin has to be steeped. Now dry Nelson Sauvin has to be added during the fermentation process. Finally, the Whirlfloc Tablets has to be included during the boiling to make the beer perfect. It is essential to add all these ingredients in the right quantity and quality at the right time. When this process is complete, then a delicious and good quality of beer that has 229.59 kcal in 12.0 fl oz can be obtained.

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Beer In Can Or Bottle Which Do You Prefer

Beer packaging plays an important role in marketing and sales of beer. Many customers will have varied requirement so some might like the beer packed and distributed in the form of a can while other will love the bottle packing. The choice shall be made according to the requirement of the customer.

In earlier days, the canning method was not preferred when compared to the bottles as it was very costly. In fact even now, when a comparison is made the expenses made for canning will be more when compared to the bottled ones. The look and feel created by the canned beer will be very attractive and urge the viewer to buy one, as it will be highly portable and safe during transport. There will be no change in the taste or properties of the beer that is packed in can or bottle and sold in the shop.

Normally the can will be light and safe when it is compared with the bottled ones. The sealing done in the can will be perfect. An added advantage of this canned beer is that it is cheap, do not have any problem with its exposure to light and the freshness will be preferred. Can recycling is also a very easy process.

The bottles will be having an esthetic view when compared to the cans. The reuse of the beer bottle is also possible when compared to the can. Refill can be done by the home brewery after proper processing of the bottles. The main disadvantage of this beer bottle is that it is breakable and heavy. The shipping costs will also be high due to heavy weight. There is a possibility for the cap sealing to fail, and the light might enter the bottle according to the color used by the bottle.

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