Reykjavik is the capital of the country, Iceland. It is also its largest city and it’s one of the safest, greenest, and cleanest cities around the globe. If you plan to visit this beautiful city, don’t miss out on its culinary scene that makes use of their local ingredients. There are several restaurants around Reykjavik, but we listed five of the best places where you can wine and dine to make the most out of your experience.

1. DILL Restaurant

This restaurant makes use of local ingredients and see to it that these ingredients shine in their recipes. They offer traditional foods, so if you want to get a taste of Reykjavik local cuisine, this is one of the best restaurants in Reykjavik that you should visit. There are various courses of meals that come with wine pairing. Some of their must tries are crispy millet and baked rutabaga in cheese foam. The restaurant is open from 6:00pm, Wednesday to Thursday.

2. Kex

Kex is a hostel, but it has a gastropub that gives you that chill vibe, and of course, fantastic drinks and superb foods. This is why it made it on the list. This is a great place for travelers as you can also stay here during your vacation. Rent one of their rooms and make it your home away from home. Head to their gastropub to relax and satisfy your tummy or enjoy some drinks, while socializing with people.

3. Slippbarrin

This is another restaurant located at the Marina Hotel, which can be found near the shipping harbor. Like Kex, the hotel is a fantastic choice for your stay as it only doesn’t offer amazing rooms, but its restaurant is also a good choice for its delicious foods, as well as its cocktails, which is what it’s popular for. Top bartenders from around the country prepare their cocktails, which include their famous T-Bird that makes use of angelica and gin.

4. Grillmarkadurinn

Grilled fish, game, and meat, plus, wide selections of wines and cocktails – these are what await you at this restaurant, which was once the Nyja Bio prior to the fire that destroyed the place. The restaurant has an artistic but comfortable feel. The chefs offer interesting items on their menu that are must tries especially for people who are feeling adventurous. This includes mini burgers made from reindeers and steak made from whale.

5. Skolabru

If you explore the main square of the city and you get hungry from all the walk, drop by Skolabru as it’s near the main square. The restaurant is known for its Icelandic menu with a Mediterranean touch. It’s also like stepping back to a part of history as the wood clad house where it’s situated in has been around since 1907. Don’t miss out on their famous chocolate soufflé and grilled lamb.

There are several great restaurants where you can wine and dine in the city of Reykjavik. However, if you want the best restaurant in Reykjavik, don’t forget to drop by the restaurants that we listed above and maybe explore some more. Your gastronomic journey will be complete by trying their menus.

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