Peter RowsomHi, all…I am Peter Rowsom. I am very happy to welcome you to my blog. I am an adherent lover of beer and in fact beer has become a vital part in my routine life. Apart from the fact, I am a professional brewer I am a very big fan for this drink that makes me do this job very passionately. I am a proud owner of an Independent Brewery. A hobby that I love to do is freelance writing, and I have my own blog where I write about my beer and various experiences related to brewing and customers.

I started this blog in the year 2009, and my first post was in the same year. This is my personal blog. I have recently added a partner so that I can expand my business to various other places too. I am a very active member in the local beer association. This makes me familiar with the market too. In fact, there are many regular customers for my brewery that acts as very good push for me to develop my business. I hope you love my writing. Please feel free to add your comments.