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Get To Know The Winter Spirit

Smithwicks has released the winter spirit for the second year and here is a small review about the drink. This beer has a superb recipe that is made from roasted barley. Usually, people will like to have a light beer during the summer season, and the darker ones will be liked during the winter times. Many of the modern beer companies have made sure some of the beer ingredients are reduced in order to decrease the price of the beer and make it available for the larger mass of people.

The winter spirit has a fruity taste that ends with a slight bitterness and many drinkers love it. Even the picture printed on the bottle is very attractive. A few days back I visited the famous Franciscan Well’s Jameson barrels from which the delicious aged stout series is released. I am very much eager to know the result of this series in the market.

This ale is a combination of nice sticky orange marmalade combined with a hint of oak from the barrel and also the orange give a bitter taste to the end product. This does not resemble any type of whiskey. There is a slight difference in the drink when it is consumed from a bottle and from the tap. The one tasted from the tap was easy to drink and was a bit more carbonated comparatively.

This will be a very good choice of drink during the winter evenings, as it will provide very good warmth to the body. Personally, I like the drinks that ages barrel along with the stouts as the taste will be better in the beers that are prepared in this technique. Jameson has also released whiskeys that are aged in the stout barrels into the market similar to the beer.

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Resurrected Beer Styles

Many people will not be aware of the fact that the beer comes in various styles. However, many of the styles are starting to come back into the market recently. Some of them include salty witbier and smoked wheat beer. Kentucky Common and Grisette are two types of beer that I tried recently as I always like to experiment new things.

Grisette is a light alcohol drink that has a very good history. Saison is another form of beer that is often compared with the previous type. In fact, the taste and properties of these two drinks do not differ much but the people who take it differed. The farmers preferred Saison whereas Grisette was loved by miners. The latest version of saison is said to have more alcohol content due to the increase in lactic acid content in it. The researchers state that the increase is about 5.4%

Grisette did not have any lactic sourness, and it had a refreshing bitter taste. In simple terms, it was like bitter lemonade. The bitterness could have been reduced to make this beer better. The first property that attracted me in Kentucky Common beer is its color. This beer has corn as its base. The bitterness of this beer is tolerable and also the slight sourness.

This nutty brown ale attracts many people towards it and is said to be one of the best beer choices in the market. No one can forget the taste of this beer easily due to its delicious and refreshing nature. The dark color of this beer comes from the roasted mash, and this also has some added synthetic color in it. People like me, who love to try out new types of beer cannot ignore this beer and in fact, it will give a satisfying experience.