Do DJ’s Normally Drink Alcohol When PerformingIf you have ever been to a club night or a music festival, you have probably wondered whether DJ’s drink alcohol whilst performing. This is up to the individual DJ and they will all have slightly different opinions on the subject. This article looks into this topic further.

DJ’s who Drink Alcohol

Most young DJ’s who are just starting out in the industry get pretty drunk whilst performing. Many admit that this has affected their judgement at times. One DJ that I interviewed said he once played Queen and Jimi Hendrix to a rap crowd. It seems like some DJs drink too much. Often, stumbling home at the end of the night on a regular basis.

Other DJ’s admit to drinking but say that this helps then get in the mood to perform. Many of them say that a little alcohol in their system allows them to let loose and get into the rhythm of the tune coming out of their DJ headphones. Drinking in moderation could help to increase motivation and levels of happiness, making the DJ better at his job. Unfortunately DJing is an industry where a lot of drink and drugs can be readily available; it’s also a young person’s game. Young people like to experiment. This is the reason that a high number of DJ’s suffer from burnout.

Some DJ’s will have a drink at the beginning of their set or will do a couple of shots before they start to get them in the mood to perform. They will then drink water for the rest of the night. It depends on a person’s motivation behind DJing, if they are just doing it for a bit of fun when they are young then they are probably going to get drunk. If they hope to make a career from it they are more likely to stay sober.

DJ’s who don’t Drink Alcohol

People who are seriously considering going into DJing as a career, are more likely to do so sober. If they take pride in their work, they will want to perform to the best of their abilities. To do this most DJ’s would agree its best not to get totally smashed.

All DJ’s need to decide whether to take the clean route or the drink/ drugs route. If a DJ continues to drink heavily throughout a twenty year career then this will do harm to his/her health. The DJ may also risk losing their job.

Most DJ’s get into the industry as they love music and while it is often tempting to get drunk, many are inspired to perform to the best of their ability, so manage to curb this. Partying for a living is a bad idea and most DJ’s will focus more on the music then drinking.

Most DJ’s would agree that there needs to be a balance between working and partying. If a DJ is serious about their career they will be able to set goals and plan where they want to be in the future, as is the case with most careers. If a DJ is driven to succeed then he/ she will be less likely to sacrifice long term success for a bit of fun.

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