Is It Possible to Enjoy Alcohol Whilst on a Fitness RegimeWe all know that it’s not easy to maintain a fitness regime on a regular basis as it involves you giving up your favourite foods, owning a strict diet regime and exercising on a regular basis. After all, what good would 100 presses on an adjustable weight bench do if you’re pigging out at the local diner 4 times a week? However, many people wonder that does giving up on good food also mean that they give up on their drinks as well? Is it possible to enjoy alcohol when on a fitness regime or not?

Though alcohol is not considered to be quite healthy for the body, studies suggest that even if a person owns a strict fitness regime, they can include healthy drinking habits in it without hampering the regime.

Problems Related to Alcohol

So, why should you be careful about grabbing your favourite drink if you’re thinking to get back into shape? Here is why.

  • One of the major reasons why fitness experts advise people to stay away from alcohol when on a regime is that it offers absolutely zero nutritional value to the body.
  • Certain alcohols have the ability to slow down the absorptions of essential vitamins and nutrients that a person gets from his meals which might have been otherwise useful in weight loss and fitness.
  • Another issue with alcohol is that some alcoholic beverages are quite high in calories and can severely affect your planned diet and fitness regime. You might be eating healthy and exercising well on a regular basis but that one big glass of beer during weekends makes up for it all, and you end up losing no weight at all no matter how hard you have been working out.
  • So, should you stop drinking?

Despite these problems, choosing the right kind of alcohol and that too consuming it in the right quantity might not prove to be as harmful for fitness lovers. If you play your cards right, you may be able to keep on drinking your favorite brand of alcohol without a worry.

The good side of Alcohol

To talk about its positives, certain alcohol drinks help maintain normal pressure of blood and also improve cardiovascular problems in the body. If you do not wish to give up alcohol but also maintain your fitness regime, red wine is just the drink for you. It is great for people with heart issues and is a natural treatment for alleviating high blood pressure in individuals.

Moderation is the key

As it is with our diet, the key to enjoying alcohol when on a fitness regime is moderation. As they say too much of anything is bad, it is important that you drink in moderation, try to reduce the frequency of alcohol consumption by keeping it to a minimum and most importantly choose the right drinks every time you have the urge to do so.

Create the right balance

Create and adapt a schedule where you have fun, and consume limited alcohol. Aim to maintain a proper fitness regime, and alcohol can be easily enjoyed even when fighting to stay fit! Stick to your routine exercises, diet plan and drink reasonable amounts of alcohol only when you really have to.

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