What Should You Use When Brewing BeerAre you considering brewing your own beer? Beer brewing is an interesting and fun hobby. Before you start you will need to consider which items to buy. This article will give details of exactly what you need to make your own home brew.

Is a water softener helpful?

Water softeners may be useful if you are planning to do a lot of home brewing on a regular basis. They create an ion exchange system where they exchange hard ions such as calcium and magnesium in the water into salt such as sodium or potassium. The exchange is carried out within a resin tank which is present in the water softener. This will make the beer slightly lighter and also improve its flavour as the water will be softer. If you like the taste and texture of distilled water then you may consider getting a water softener system.


You will need to consider where you are going to brew your beer as this can take up quite a bit of space in your home. The beer will need to be left to ferment in a barrel or bucket. You will also need extra space for serving and storing your beer once it is ready. The room where the beer is being prepared will need to be kept at a constant temperature of around 20-27 degrees.


You will need the following pieces of equipment to start brewing your own beer.

  1. A large bucket or barrel which will hold up to thirty litres. This need to be covered so it’s best to buy one with a lid, Gormet and airlock. Make sure your bucket is properly air tight and well sealed.
  2. An airlock is used for home brewing and this can be purchased with your bucket from a specialist brewing shop or site.
  3. You will also need a siphon and U tube.
  4. It’s important to keep your beer brewing equipment as clean as possible so you should consider buying a steriliser.
  5. Mixing spoons and paddles can be purchased especially for brewing beer. Alternatively you can find something that you already have in your kitchen as this will serve the purpose just as well. It will need to be quite long so that you can reach the bottom of the barrel.
  6. You will also need to buy a beer kit which contains the yeasts needed to make beer. Look for a pack that makes forty pints and contains three kilos of malt.
  7. To serve your beer there are a number of options. You could keep it in a pressure barrel which is fitted with a pressure release value and tap. You can then help yourself to the beer easily. Alternatively one litre pet bottles can be bought with tops, these can be reused. You will need about twenty three of these if you are planning to make forty pints of beer. Another option is to buy forty one pint glass bottles and crown caps. You will need a capping machine to put the caps on with. If you are choosing the last option you may also want to buy labels for the bottles.

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